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Business Loan

KST Credit.  |  09/05/2018   |  Business Loan, FAQ

How can I finance my business?

As an aspiring entrepreneur or a veteran business owner – cash flow, continuity and business expansion are some of the major aspects that will ensure your business survival.

Raising working capital for your business will be one of the most challenging hurdles that you would have to get over, to secure your company’s future.

How can I use my business loan?

If you are looking to sustain cashflow for your daily operations, you can borrow working capital loan from us.  We offer fixed interest rates, and this type of loan is unsecured.

How much can I borrow when I apply for a business loan?

At KST Credit, we offer up working capital loans based on your business needs.

How long is the tenure for a business loan?

Your loan tenure depends on your eligibility.

Tell me more about the interest rate structure


Depending on your letter of offer, your loan may be entitled to a fixed interest rate

What are the requirements to apply for a business loan?​

  • You must present records that you own a Singapore registered business, with a minimum of 2 years in operation.

  • Income Tax Assessment

  • Minimum of 2 Months of Company Bank statements

  • No collateral is required


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